Michael Clough


The Points and Lines Series


Michael Clough

Born in 1948 in Kearney Nebraska, I have lived and painted at a cabin studio on the Skagit River Delta in Northwest Washington since 1976.

Basically self-taught, I have learned from other painters, not so much how to paint but what makes a painting.

My work has been in numerous shows and galleries and are in the Museum of Northwest Art in LaConner WA.

The Points & Lines Series

This series are 'compositions' that start with points into lines, creating geometric patterns with circle, square, triangle, and hexagon. They are no so much about geometry but about painting and music, balance, harmony, rhythm and symmetry

Oil on incised canvas with brass screws.

The Branching Line Patterns Series

The process of creating these paintings is more like growing a painting - adding, subtracting, painting, removing - until it becomes a painting.

Oil on incised canvas.


As my time is split between Guemes Island and my studio out on the river, email is the best way to reach me.